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How to travel the world as a developer

Having a job that allows you to make your own hours and travel at the same time is pretty cool. But it’s not always easy...

· 5 min read 12 024
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Thought experiment travel App

I want to make a travel app which helps users visit places which are aggregated by city so that you can for example visit Austin...

· 5 min read 1 472
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How to travel alone

Earlier this year, I traveled alone across Europe. In some cities I knew a friend from college, in others perhaps a friend…

· 5 min read 14

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Travel and urban landscape photography by Dorian Pellumbi

As a travel urban photographer I have always felt a little unlucky for being born in Eastern Europe. We have more of the ugly commie blocks, and less of the beautiful old european architecture. Maybe I should consider shooting more brutalism...

· 5 min read 8 903
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How I took up surfing in San Francisco

My first time on a surfboard was when I was 13 during a vacation in Florida with my aunt, uncle and cousin. We loved it so much that my cousin actually convinced my aunt and uncle to buy him a surfboard and took it back...

· 5 min read 8 903