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Separate house on the second floor, located in the south of Lamma Island in Yung Shue Ha Village. House front is a beautiful and quiet beach, house back is mount Lin Kok Shan with a beautiful view. The house can accomodate a family of fiveThere is a kitchen you can cook. Ideal places for travelers looking for seclusion. Viewing from the balcony is the Shek Pai Wan Beach and the South China Sea. The beach is just 1 minute walk from the house, 5 minutes to reach Tung O Village.15 minutes to the Turtle Beach, 20 minutes to the Motat Village. You can hike to Lin Kok Shan to view Hong Kong Island, South China Sea and Lantau Island. Walk to Sok Kwu Wan to enjoy a seafood meal. From Aberdeen waterfront, take a 25 minutes ferry ride to Motat Bay, follow by 30 minutes walk to the Yung Shue Ha Village. There are 13 daily ferries from Aberdeen to Sok Kwu Wan and Motat Bay. Holiday frequency will increase to 19 ferries. There is a bed room in the house with a bunk bed (1.2M lower bed and 0.9M upper bed). Living room sofa can be used as a bed (1.4M) as well, the kitchen is open for cooking, bathroom with electric water heater. Provide clean shower towels, cups, slippers, air conditioning, electric blankets, Chinese tea and coffee. Lamma Island is full of trees, wild animals, beautiful beaches, very suitable for swimming, hiking, jogging, and it is the best place to have seafood. There is no restaurant or shop in Yung Shue Ha village, Please buy enough food in Aberdeen for your meals. There is a small shop in the village offers simple instant noodles and drinks. The 30 minutes walk to the village has 40 meters high ladder and ramp. I propose travel light. Friends carrying heavy luggage can message me. I can arrange a village vehicle (HK150) to transport luggage from Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Ha village. Make an appointment with me in advance. ,,,. ,,. ,. . 1,5.15,20. ,,,. . ,,25,,30. 13-/,,19. ,,1.2M,0.9M (1.4M),,. ,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,, , . . 30,40,.,,. HK150

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  1. May
    21 August 2017 - 02:40:00
  2. James
    Great place for hikes and a quiet secluded holiday close to nature. Village is quiet and has only 10 inhabitants. Restaurants and store is 20-40 minutes hike away, so be prepared with food and supplies. House faces the beach and has a great view from the balcony. Perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. 27 April 2017 - 00:02:04

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